New police site nearly ready


The Fort Stockton Police Department will be moving into their new location and out of the temporary portables in the next few months.

The Apache Plaza Site at 1710 N. Front Street will be ready sometime in the next 60 to 90 days.

“The officers are really excited,” said Police Chief Ryan Skelton.

The police department was moved into the portables on 3rd street in 2017 and purchased the new site about a year ago.

For the time being, dispatch will stay at their location on Main Street since moving them will take a lot of work to make sure the equipment gets moved correctly.

“Sometimes I wonder if they still feel like a part of the department, they are so isolated,” said Skelton.

The new site will feature a bigger lobby and an area where Skelton hopes to have a coffee table and place for the public to come in and visit with the department.

“It would invite people to come in and talk with us,” he said.

Skelton also hopes to include a display case in the lobby with old law enforcement memorabilia from the area and a place to borrow items like old badges from the community and display them.

“I think that would be dang cool,” said Skelton.

The new site will also have room for a meeting space so they can discuss police business without having to meet in the city council chambers.

The new location is getting close to being ready, with dispatch hopefully following in the next year.

“We just can't get to it fast enough,” said Skelton.