Need help? Mexican consulate makes its first stop in FS


The Mexican Consulate has scheduled their first ever visit to Fort Stockton on Oct. 21, where they will hold a workshop for any citizen who needs help with certificates, IDs, and a number of other issues.

Fort Stockton Public Library will host this meeting, and Director Elva Valadez discussed how the consulate offices have chosen to break down the area for more widespread assistance.

“There are two offices that travel, with one being in Presidio and the other being in Del Rio,” Valadez said. “Right now, the one in Presidio travels to Odessa and Midland; the office in Del Rio will travel here and to San Angelo to provide these benefits.”

Regarding the services offered, Valadez listed many that citizens could expect to see.

“This group will provide help renewing IDs, as well as passports,” Valadez said. “They can also help get copies of birth, death, and marriage certificates. If there are people that need counseling or some other type of help, they can aid in that, too.”

Carlos Obrador, head of the Consul of Mexico in Del Rio, also described the kinds of help the consulate would offer.

“The Consulate of Mexico mainly provides three different types of services, including documentation, consular assistance or protection, and community development affairs,” said Obrador. “We are going to be receiving people that need to get a Mexican passport, a Matricula Consular, or certified copies of their Mexican birth certificates.” 

The consulate will also be able to provide legal, health, financial, and educational advice during their workshop, along with help with visas and civil registration. Obrador also stated they were scheduled to bring Consular Protection Department staff, along with the Community Department, to offer advice and free consultations for the visitors of the event.

“In an effort to bring integral attention to our community in Fort Stockton, we are also bringing our Defensory Bureau and our Financial and Health Advisory Booth,” said Obrador. “The first one is a special desk where any visitor, without the need for an appointment, can get advice on a number of issues, including the current immigration context. Visitors can get information on the rights afforded by the U.S. Constitution and can get information on how to manage their relations with all law enforcement in the country.”

Obrador explained that the Financial and Health Advisory Booth was also an important part of the visit.

“This is a desk specialized in providing support to the Mexican people on how to better integrate in their new communities,” Obrador said. “We provide financial and educational counsel, and also information on health prevention measures and related programs.”

“The consulate is trying to provide services here so people won’t have to travel,” said Valadez. “Without this, they may have to make a trip all the way back to Mexico, or to Midland or Odessa. This just makes it much easier to get everything done.”

Obrador also touched on why this opportunity is so important to Fort Stockton.

“This visit is aimed at helping people who can’t visit the Consulate in Del Rio during normal weekdays because of work, school, or any other obligation they might have,” said Obrador. “We do this so they can receive the complete attention of the Consulate at their home city. This way, they won’t have to drive to Del Rio or San Angelo if they need to renew their passports, get a new Consular ID card, or get a certified copy of their birth certificate.”

Obrador stated the Consulate is trying to make these types of visits to Fort Stockton a regular thing, calling them Mobile Consulates.

“We bring all the services and resources from the Consulate office in Del Rio to cities with an important Mexican composition in our jurisdiction for the day,” Obrador said. “We mainly strive to keep our community informed.”

Individuals who attend the meeting will be seen on a first-come-first-serve basis, and will be held at the public library on 500 N. Water St. from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

For more information, call Mexitel at 1-877-639-4835.