MPGCD grants City’s BlueRidge Farms production permit


The Middle Pecos Groundwater Conservation District (MPGCD) Board met for their regular board meeting and public hearings on Tuesday, Feb. 20. During the public hearings, the board revisited approving a production permit requested by the City of Fort Stockton (BlueRidge Farms). The 10-well system is located on the City of Fort Stockton’s BlueRidge Farms approximately 27 miles west of Stockton, within Pecos County. The purpose of this well system is for a combined use of public supply and industrial use and the City has requested 500 acre-feet a year from the Pecos Valley Aquifer. A first motion was made to approve the permit with industrial use only, but the motion failed due to another deadlock on the item. Five board members voted for the motion and five members voted against it. Instead of postponing the issue for another 60 days to make a ruling, a second motion was made to grant the permit as originally stated (both industrial use and public supply), as well as removing well BR21 from the permit to be left as a monitoring well.

City Water Attorney Mark Harral agreed to the conditions and the board voted unanimously to approve the permit as originally stated with well BR21 excluded from the permit.