MMEX refinery hits ground running


MMEX held the groundbreaking for its oil refinery on Friday, Nov. 17.

A little before 3 p.m., citizens from all over Pecos County and investors from many different countries filled the parking lot of the Fort Stockton Chamber of Commerce. All formed a line at the small table set up to sign in for the historic event. Half an hour later, attendees loaded up into the provided shuttles or set out in their own vehicles to the site of the refinery, a little over 20 miles northeast of Fort Stockton.

After all in attendance arrived and assembled in the space, Jack Hanks, President and CEO of MMEX Resources Corp., began the program. The local Boy Scouts from Troop 54 in Fort Stockton raised the American flag, Texas flag, and MMEX flag as local citizen Alex Cordero sang the National Anthem.

Many individuals spoke during the ceremony, including: Pecos County Judge Joe Shuster; Mayor of Fort Stockton Chris Alexander; Cody Summerhays, Business Development Director of VFuels; Brian Burdolf, Operations Director of Trinity Consultants; and Liz Grandstaff, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Texas Pacifico.

Following the ceremony, Hanks discussed the feelings of MMEX and its representatives and the work they had done to make the refinery become a reality

“We are all very excited,” Hanks began. “We’ve made a lot of progress in a short amount of time. This is phase one, and we are very anxious to have this come together. A lot of construction will continue, including site development and a lot of construction in the various shops. Then we will go forward with the bigger unit and file for those permits. So we’re ready to get it all rolling.”

Hanks then touched on the economic benefits the refinery would bring to Pecos County and its citizens.

“For sure, it’s going to bring employment opportunities,” said Hanks. “There’s an accelerator and a multiplier effect to making an investment, and that will really benefit the county with jobs. There’s also all of the other things that come with this, like housing, transportation, and it is a big tax base. It will be a great tax benefit for the county.”

In closing, Hanks extended thanks to the communities and citizens in Pecos County for their continued support in the project.

“We really appreciate the welcome attitude of the Pecos County people toward us,” Hanks stated. “It’s been a great experience, and we are all looking forward to becoming great citizens and long-term citizens of this great county.”