'Millennial Hotel' project breaks ground


A new hotel with a modern twist is coming to Fort Stockton next year.

The Avid Hotel had a groundbreaking ceremony Oct. 24 for the project which is supposed to be finished in 10 to 12 months.

The hotel site is located near the FedEx Ground facility on Martin Adams Street.

The hotel is described as a “millennial hotel” or more modern with an open concept.

The hotel is owened by IHG. It will have a grab-and-go kitchen style with seating for people to hang out and enjoy all-day coffee.

“It's going to cater to the oil field and solar farms,” said owner Wayne Fischer. “It's a little futuristic.”

They are ready to start the project in the next 30 days.

Economic Development Corporation Executive Director Remie Ramos has been working on finding people to develop the East End of town.

“I really appreciate the people in this town,” said Fischer. “Remie has been great.”

The owners are Fischer, Kirk Johanson and Duke Marquiss.