Milk and sugar make you wealthy


I feel like I've been traveling at the speed of light this year. Especially with all the holidays creeping into the stores earlier than usual. Between Halloween and I Christmas, I felt like Thanksgiving was rushed. If anything, Thanksgiving should have been the most important holiday for us to celebrate.

Not because of all the great food. However, I did make a delicious ham this year. I went overboard with the cherries and pineapples, but that was intentional. Getting back on track, the year 2017 has dragged us through the muck and the mire.

Tragic shootings became more frequent. Hurricanes and floods terrorized homes and left families without shelter. The presidential election was mean and put people at war with one another. One of my favorite voices in music, Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, took his life. Tom Petty passed away.

That's just to list a few things that ruffled my own feathers. I'm sure everyone reading this has experience a handful of other bad experiences in their personal lives that didn't air on the news or make it into our newspaper.

Personally, I think the biggest hobgoblin of the holiday season is money. Christmas has become very consumer driven, so it seems like the focus is more on the materialism than love.

With that said, there's a lot of pressure on us. Pressure to buy good gifts. Pressure to want good gifts. Pressure to make more money. Pressure to spend more money. All this pressure is leading us to pop like a balloon pressed against a cactus.

Let me take the edge off some of your financial pressure. A gift is given with love. That's the ultimate price tag. Don't worry about the push for more. We can easily get burned out in this rat race of having more money and more stuff. That's how people portray success these days.

Let me fill you in on a little secret. If you have milk and sugar, you are wealthy and successful. I'm not being sarcastic. Milk and sugar is literally silver and gold to east Africa. There are people right now in Kenya having to suck the marrow from donkey bones to fight their hunger. They have nothing.

If you had milk and sugar in your coffee this morning, than you're living high on the hog. We have a lot to be thankful for. In fact everyday is Thanksgiving.