Meet your new Walmart manager


Tennessee native Richard Myers received a job offer on May 25 to become the new Store Manager of the local Walmart. Stepping into the position on June 1, Myers speaks on getting acquainted with the community.

“I like Fort Stockton. I like the setting here, and I grew up in a town just like this. It’s a small town and I’m a small town person. I’ve met a lot of the locals already. I’ve met with the Chamber of Commerce, some of the police officers, and everyone has made me feel like I fit in out here,” said Myers.

The new manager commented on the proceeding changes within the store and said, “This Walmart wasn’t in bad shape – it needed some staffing though. I’ve already hired on 42 new employees within a week. A lot of great people work here. We’re planning a grand reopening with the Chamber, but we haven’t confirmed a date just yet. Right now, we’re hoping for sometime in July.”

The ambitious new manager revealed that the local Walmart is going to add in some self-checkout registers to help reduce long lines. Dates on the installments were not yet available. Myers stated that he is happy to meet with any citizens who have questions, concerns or suggestions.