MBM Antojitos Chihuahua - fresh food late at night


Sometimes hunger can creep up on you after dinnertime. If you work up an appetite for something savory or spicy after 5 p.m., the MBM Antojitos Chihuahua food trailer has you covered.

The Mexican food trailer is open from 6 p.m. to midnight, but sometimes goes beyond for those on the lookout for a late night meal.

Located at 1009 W. Dickinson, the trailer is parked in front of a vacant gas station, which is commonly spotted by its Lightning McQueen window art from the Disney movie "Cars."

Owners Gilbert and Griselda Arcides are a married couple who plan to utilize their empty blue gas station for the expansion of MBM Antojitos Chihuahua .

For now, the food trailer adorned with colorful lights has become a popular evening retreat for authentic Mexican cuisine.

“Our food is cooked fresh everyday. My wife and the girls never reheat or microwave any of the food that is served. It's all fresh,” said Arcides with pride.

The current menu includes hamburgers, hot dogs (estilo chihuahua), tacos, burritos, quesadillas montadas, coctel de fruta, pepino loco, manzana loca, mangonadas, shrimp coctel, chilindrinas, papas locas, dorinachos, tostilocos, elote de vaso, elote de entero, fresas con crema, and aguas frescas.

With long lines increasing at the trailer's order window, the Arcides couple plans to double the menu items within three to four weeks.

“We've got a lot of customers right now; business is good. We don't want customers to get tired of what's on our menu, so we're going to be adding a lot to it very soon. With time, we'll get a bigger trailer and expand even more,” revealed Arcides.

MBM Antojitos Chihuahua occasionally sets out tables and chairs, but is in talks of adding new seating under the former gas station's overhead metal canopy.

If you've got a late craving for Mexican food, head over to MBM Antojitos Chihuahua, it’s next to the Dollar General. The food is always prepared fresh and it's a great way to end the day.