Mayor, council members sworn in


The Fort Stockton City Council met Tuesday night to swear in the mayor and new council members as well as a regularly scheduled meeting.

Chris Alexander was sworn in as Mayor and Ruben Falcon and Paul Casias were sworn in as council members.

-Senior Civil Engineer Steve Synovitz reported to the council on the near completion of the 30 inch water transmission line project. The project is from Belding and is down to the last 5 feet connection.

-Chief Ryan Skelton gave April's crime numbers, which included an increase in residential officer presence and doubled traffic stops. The department also made several drug busts of meth, marijuana and cocaine. In April the police department made 1,301 service calls, 521 traffic stops and 80 initiated investigations. They made 39 arrests with 19 for possession of a controlled substance, 4 for assault, 2 for marijuana, 3 for public intoxication, 2 for resisting arrest and 4 for warrants.

-Council approved a request from property owners Abiud and Alexis Alfonso Olivares to take lots adjacent to Schlegel Street and Hornbeck Boulevard and build homes on it.

-Council also approved a request to build homes from property owner Arvindkumar N. Ghandi adjacent to 10th Street and Atkins Street.

-A similar request was granted for the placement of a manufactured mobile home in a single family residential dwelling district requested by property owner Miguel Angel Garcia at 604 S. Mills Street.

-Mayor Pro Tem Mike Ureta Jr. was reappointed.

-A bid was awarded to Progressive Products Inc. for a mobile hydraulic concert stage for $188,460. The stage should be delivered by the end of June for various events in the city.

-The council approved a grant of $97,522 for the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas Program. The money goes to next years funding for an agent, overtime, fuel and whatever the police department is in need of in regards to the program.

-The council approved expanding and extending waste water treatment plan at Texas Department of Criminal Justice Lynaugh Unit. The additional effluent storage pond will be payed back by the state.

-Ureta resigned from the Intergovernmental Recreation Board and instead appointed new council member Paul Casias.

“I think the board would be best served by having Paul on it,” said Ureta.

-The council approved ending the workday at noon on June 21 so city employees could particpate in an employee appreciation event.

-The city had a system crash over the weekend, and an increase in IT Department work. The council approved for the company [INSERT NAME] to help them with antivirus, cyber security and rebuilding the system. The threat was caught early on and no personal information was leaked. The IT COMPANY thinks it was started by an employee who clicked on something that they shouldn't have that triggered the crash. The process of forensic investigation will take time, after the rebuild of systems is taken care of.

The Fort Stockton City Council meets the second and fourth Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. At 121 West Second Street.