Local 'Camaro Guys' ready to roll


Two Fort Stockton best friends are gearing up to compete in the Big Bend Open Road Race for the third time this year.

Arian Galindo, 23, and Homar Lopez, 45, became friends because of their love for cars.

“It was just everyone hanging out, seeing who had the fastest car,” said Lopez.

Lopez got his Camaro 5 years ago and has loved seeing what it can do, including getting up to 197 mph.

“We just said, lets go race, and it turned into a habit,” he said.

Galindo was the best man in Lopez's wedding and their friendship has given the name around town as the “Camaro Guys.”

Galindo always had a passion for cars and loves to get his Camaro up to 160 mph with 193 mph being his fastest.

The open road race is a fun event for the friends because they have a chance to drive fast and share a passion for cars with a lot of people.

“It's the thrill and the adrenaline of it,” said Lopez. “You get to go fast without getting pulled over.”

Another Fort Stockton local gearing up for the Big Bend Open Road Race is Allan Childs.

During the day Childs is one of the owners of Childs Corporation but in his free time he spends getting a dose of excitement.

“I'm kind of like an adrenaline junkie,” he said.

Childs will be participating in the road race for the eighth time, where he has competed both as a driver and as a navigator.

As a navigator, his job was to keep the driver on track and take notes on what is coming up in the race.

The fastest he's been able to go as a navigator is 173 mph, but he has taken driving courses with Nascar and loves to drive fast.

“I just like speed,” said Childs.