Local artist displays Frida drawing


A local artist has been recognized by the library, businesses in town and the family of Frida Kahlo.

Peadra Onsurez taught herself drawing and painting 15 years ago while working an overnight shift at a hotel.

During the slow times she would draw for fun and it blossomed into her passion.

She drew a picture of Frida Kahlo, an artist inspired by Mexican indigenous culture, and it has been shared on facebook by the family and displayed in the library.

“She's special to me, there are a lot of Frida fans here,” said Onsurez.

She was especially happy to see that Frida Kahlo's family shared her art.

“I felt like the hard work payed off,” said Onsurez. “Her family is the closest thing to her.”

While Onsurez taught herself how to be an artist, she is holding off on taking classes.

“I have a technique and I want to keep my style,” she said. “Maybe later on in life but not now.”

Recently she has started sharing her passion for art with her kids.

Her 7-year-old Xavier participated in an art show for kids at the library and was recognized.

“Art is something that if you keep up with it you're going to get good at it,” said Onsurez.

She hopes that her drawings and being self taught will excite others and get kids more into art.

“I just think Frida needs to be inspiring,” said Onsurez. “I hope others get inspired to draw.”

The drawing will next be displayed at Alfredos, where several other of her pieces are.