A good citizen


Dear Editor,

Let me tell you about an outstanding lady of our community....

First off I know I have too many dogs; I did not ask for them, I did not want them, but somehow I got/inherited them. I inherited one dog, and she is deaf and special needs. JuLana couldn't deal with her being special needs.

To keep her from being mistreated, I took her. We learned her ways and learned to love her. We taught her sign language to go outside. When she doesn't want to go outside, she won't look at you while you are signing. If you keep signing, she will eventually go outside.

Well, I had another dog and her offspring would pick on her. I guess this was because she is also special needs. I finally had enough and called dog catcher for the two hours. We can't get rid of the special needs one, people would mistreat her because they would think she was being contrary.

Well, I contacted Amy Galvan and told her about these two that were put in jail. She has already gotten them out and they are on their way to a rescue. My kids were upset because they thought they would be euthanized, but not with Amy around. She does this for all the dogs picked up by Fort Stockton Dog Catcher unless they are aggressive towards other dogs.

Thank you, Amy.

Kathleen Bennett

Fort Stockton