Historical commission make history – online


West Texas is full of a long and unique history, which people are noticing is not available online most of the time.

The Pecos County Historical Commission is working hard to get the history, pictures and videos of the county on a website for everyone to access.

The commission recently launched pecoscountyhistoricalcommission.org which allows visitors to search history such as the Hovey School, the old jail, history of sheep ranching in the area or famous visitors.

The new site is user friendly and ran entirely by the Pecos County Historical Commission who are all volunteers who care about preserving history.

Recently. Secretary Kirby Warnock obtained 8MM film of the centennial celebration in 1959 from Bobbie Alexander.

Warnock was able to digitize the film so viewers on the site can see what the parade consisted of and look at the old cars going down the road.

In addition to the website, the historical commission also deals with historical markers around the county and they maintain the Hovey School and Rollins Sibley House.

“I think that Pecos County has more history than any other part of West Texas,” said Warnock.

Viewers who have information or pictures they think would be beneficial for the commission to see can send questions or information to kirby@bigbendquarterly.com.

“We are an old county with a rich history,” said Warnock.