Here's a trivia quiz as baseball celebrates Jackie Robinson Day


Today marks the 72nd anniversary of Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier in Major League Baseball. His first MLB game was On April 15, 1947.

MLB permanently retired Jackie Robinson's No. 42 for all teams. On Jackie Robinson Day, players all wear No. 42.

Here is a little trivia test (answers below):

1. What team did Robinson play for?

2. What position did Robinson play in that game?

3. How many hits did Robinson collect in the game?

4. What team was Robinson's opponent in his first game?

5. Which pitcher threw the first pitch to Robinson?

6. Who managed Robinson's team that day?

7. Where was the game played?

8. Who won the game?

9. How many umpires were on the field for the game.

10. Where did Robinson bat in the batting order that day?

11. Who finished the game for Robinson at first base?



1. Brooklyn Dodgers

2. First base. He recorded 11 put outs in the game.

3. None. Robinson went 0-for-3 with a sacrifice in four plate appearances that day. He hit into one double-play. He did reach base on an error and later scored.

4. Boston Braves

5. Johnny Sain

6. Clyde Sukeforth. Leo Durocher has been suspended by baseball commissioner Happy Chandler prior to the season. Sukeforth managed the team's first two game before Burt Shotton became the permanent replacement.

7. Ebbets Field in Brooklyn before a crowd of 26,623.

8. The Brooklyn Dodgers defeated the Boston Braves, 5-3.

9. Three. HP: Babe Pinelli; 1B - Al Barlick; 2B - (none); 3B: Artie Gore.

10. Second.

11. Howie Schultz was a defensive replacement for Robinson late in the game. Schultz did not have an at bat, but did record one put out.