Head State hosts Pre-K Tailgate party


Head Start hosted their fifth annual tailgate party on Friday, Nov. 15, complete with football games between the classrooms.

The tailgate party was in conjunction with fatherhood week at the preschool.

“It's to remind kids the importance of male involvement,” said Head Start Director Rosela Johnson.

Johnson reiterated that anyone could be a father figure, uncles, brothers, grandparents.

The classrooms were split up into different football teams like the Texans, Seahawks, Saints, Broncos, Packers, Cowboys and Chiefs.

The families came and watched the football games and enjoyed food and hanging out with the students afterwards.

“We're lucky to have a lot of parent involvement,” said Johnson. “A lot of our parents volunteer daily.”

The parents all worked hard to make shirts for their classrooms and get sponsors from neighborhood businesses.