Gray passes torch to Williams


During the Middle Pecos Groundwater Conservation District (MPGCD) regular meeting Tuesday, Oct. 17, the board approved the employment of Morgan Williams as new Field Technician. 

For six years, the position was held Harvey Gray who will be mentoring Williams during his 90-day orientation period. 

“I’ll be showing him where everything is; helping him get familiar with the routes to all the wells and monitors,” said Gray.

MPGCD General Manager Ty Edwards says that Williams’s 90-day orientation period began Monday, Oct. 23 and will coincide with Gray’s last 90 days. Edwards hinted that Gray’s last 90 days could be extended to January, if needed. 

“Morgan was born and raised in Fort Stockton. He’s a Fort Stockton High School graduate, he graduated top of his class – he’s a really good fit for the position. Harvey is going to show him the ropes, so he’s in good hands,” affirmed Edwards.

Williams recently returned to Fort Stockton from doing oil field related work in Midland. Commenting on his new position, he said, “I’m excited about this job and becoming more familiar with the county. It was a good opportunity for me to come back home. Now I get to be closer to my daughter and my family. I’m ready to take on the roles and responsibilities of being the new Field Technician.”

When asked about retirement, Gray cracked a smile and said, “I’m retiring for the third time. My career stays are getting shorter and shorter.”

After a good chuckle, Harvey paused for a moment then spoke out on his decision to hang up his hat as Field Technician.

“I really like my job here. The real reason I’m stepping down is because of my wife’s health. I’m going to be taking care of her full time,” said Gray with tears in his eyes. Looking towards Williams, Gray concluded, “I’m sure Morgan will do a great job here.”