Graduates get GED, years in the making


The Midland College Williams Regional Technical Training Center had several students graduate with their GED this week.

There is no age limit when it comes to coming back to school to get a GED and the class is free besides the books and the cost of the tests, said coordinator Sondra Bynum.

“It's a wonderful opportunity,” she said.

The class is set up like a normal college evening class and focuses on social studies, science, math and english language arts.

“The classes are tough,” said Bynum. “It's very challenging for young mothers.”

One of those young couples is 22-year-old Janey Rangel and her husband Jose Alanis who came back to get their GED together.

They have 3 children ages 9 months, 3-years-old and 4-years-old.

“His parents helped a lot,” said Rangel.

The couple wanted to come back to school to get better jobs.

“She motivated me,” said Alanis about his wife.

Another person whose story of getting her GED was inspirational was 40-year-old Diedre Williams.

She dropped out as junior and tried to come back to her her GED when she was 19-years-old but failed.

After having kids, who are now 14-years-old, 13-years-old and 10-years-old she decided she needed to try one more time.

“I wanted to prove to them I'm not a quitter,” said Williams.

Her kids even tried to help her with the math portion and she was able to get tutored by a 7th grade math teacher.

“It wasn't easy, I told myself I can't give up,” said Williams.

To add to her struggles with her final math test, her dad was dying and she had to take her test and rush to Colorado to be with him.

“I didn't think I passed but I got the email during my drive,” said Williams.

Despite all the problems, she was bale to finally get her GED and be done with the whole process.

“It's like a dream come true right now,” said Williams.