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Gonzalez has led Mi Casita for 28 years


For the last 28 years, one Fort Stockton native has been running her successful restaurant, Mi Casita.

Adonna Gonzalez grew up locally and went away to Southwest Texas State in San Marcos for family and child reasons.

She thought she might go on to be a counselor but when she came home her family pointed out that the restaurant was vacant and she should do something with it.

“I thought I go out to eat all the time so I know what people like,” said Gonzalez.

Her dad ended up purchasing the building for her and her grandpa came over from Pecos to help her cook since that was the one area she wasn't an expert in.

All of her moms family were cooks so she got a lot of help from them with all aspects of the business.

When she first opened in 1992 she kept saying well we will see how the next three months go, but the business proved to be a success.

So much so that she opened a second restaurant in Andrews which after 10 years she sold.

While Mi Casita was her first shot at being a business owner, she had experience working for her dad who was always self employed.

“I already knew about running a business from him,” said Gonzalez.

When she opened the business she didn't realize what a great opportunity is was and how essential a great staff is.

“I'm lucky because I've had a lot of the same employees for the last 20 to 25 years,” she said. “I can't do it without my employees.”

Gonzalez's mom helps prepare food and they use many family recipes that the seven person staff has perfected.

“It's very consistent with taste and quality,” she said.

Her sister works as the manager and helps in the kitchen making the whole ordeal a family affair.

After acquiring the restaurant she built the menu and quickly worked to learn all of the positions, including PR person and cleaning tables or preparing food.

“I've learned a lot of valuable lessons that you can't be a success if you depend on other people only,” she said.

They serve a combination of Tex-Mex and authentic Mexican food and they serve things Gonzalez loves to eat and make for herself.

Gonzalez is also married to Pecos County Veteran's Service Officer, Micheal Corkrum.

They met un 2011 at the San Antonio River Walk before he deployed to Afghanistan and he finally decided to settle down in Fort Stockton with her.

She said she loves his outgoing and intelligent personality and the duo love to travel and try new foods.

What's next for her? She is hoping to make it to 35 years in business and then decide where to go.

“I love Fort Stockton and I love my business,” said Gonzalez. “I love doing this, it's not work when everyday is a joy to come to work.”

Mi Casita is only open four days a week from Tuesday to Friday from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Gonzalez made this schedule to accommodate time off and have a schedule that her employees would love.

“If its good people are going to come,” she said.

They have a mixture of locals and tourists who come back yearly to visit her she said.

Gonzalez said her great memory has helped her bring tourists back time and time again.

“I try to make every customer feel special,” she said.