Gallery 107 Art Show


Gallery 107 West has a new art show this month that will run until the end of the year.

The show will feature work from three artists, Mike Capron, Wilson Capron and Beverly Hartman.

Mike will have painting and drawings illustrating West Texas life, and events at Fort Lancaster.

Wilson will be showing spurs and bit which are hand carved.

Hartman will have rocks that she hunts for shapes and embellishes with animals and various scenes.

“I'm not messing around when it comes to bringing good quality art to Fort Stockton,” said gallery owner Steve Walker.

He said that he is really hoping to bring the community together and revitalize the area along with the theatre and other businesses.

“The synergy will generate enthusiasm and encourage others to invest in the downtown area,” said Walker.

The gallery is open from Wednesday to Saturday from noon to 5 p.m. and Walker encourages the community to stop by.

Walker also hosts a studio out of the same spot and has ordered ceramic skulls, mini skulls and jack-o-laterns for people to decorate.

The skulls are $50 for the big ones and $20 for kids and the little skulls.

Adults will be served wine while they work.

Walker also said that if groups want to come, he can alter his time.

He says to expect about three hours of decorating time.

“I'm excited about the possibilities,” said Walker. “I want to see what people are interested in.”