FSMS gets new art teacher

World travels lead art teacher to FSMS


After searching for someone to paint the way into the new school year, Fort Stockton Middle School found an art teacher.

Laurie Holman, 56, has traveled the world teaching all ages various art techniques but she is happier than ever to be back in her home state.

“Texas is so friendly, nice and open,” she said. “I am really excited to start at the school,”

This is Holman's first time in Fort Stockton, but she has over 20 years of teaching experience especially in Presidio.

She spent a year teaching in Alaska, living in a cabin like setting amongst the wilderness.

“I loved it up there, but it's a long way from Texas,” she said.

She went back to teaching in Presidio for a bit before moving to Mexico and buying land.

She spent a year in Mexico working on her own artwork, gaining new techniques to bring back to her students.

She considers her art to be “Tex Mex” or Western art.

Right before coming to Fort Stockton she spent time teaching art at a Native American reservation in New Mexico.

“I'm just really happy to be back in Texas,” said Holman. “Fort Stockton people have been awesome, friendly and nice.”

She is a graduate of Texas Tech University with an emphasis on art education.

“I love teaching art,” said Holman.

She said when it comes to teaching middle school aged kids she focuses on advanced projects, drawing, painting and ceramics.

“I really want them to experiment,” she said.

She is happy to be in Fort Stockton, a place that she says seems like a great place for artists.

“I think the community seems to be a big supporter of art and things like murals,” said Holman.

The one thing she loves about teaching kids is the ability to help them find their passion and their talent.

“The arts are really important,” she said.