FSISD financial, TEA reports approved


The FSISD School Board held a presentation of their Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas (FIRST) Report, as well as the finalized Texas Academic (TEA) Performance Report.

Director of Finance Maria Gomez discussed the FIRST Report, saying that FSISD earned a rating of A.

"The passing rate for the state is 60, and we received a 98 out of 100," said Gomez. "We also received a rating of 'Superior', for which we are very proud. We did really well with our rating."

Following the presentation, the board was asked to act on the approval of the report. All board members voted to approve the report as presented.

Curriculum Director Robyn Derington presented the TEA Performance Report to the board for approval. Derington reiterated that the preliminary accountability scores were presented earlier this year.

"There is a performance report for the whole district and for each campus," Derington said. "Each of these reports reflected a rating of 'Met Standard'."

Derington went into more detail about the report, saying that the Post Secondary Readiness category was one in which FSISD was distinguished.

"The graduation rate for FSISD was 93.8 percent," Derington said. "The state rate is 89 percent, so we surpassed that. Advanced course or dual credit completion rates for the state is 55 percent, and we rated 80 percent. That's a really great accomplishment."

Superintendent Ralph Traynham stated that both Apache and Alamo Elementary Schools received distinctions in their ratings, congratulating them on their hard work.

The board then voted to approve the TEA Performance Report as presented.