FSCT’s ‘Dirty Works’ performance during absent Water Carnival


In 1983 when the pool was closed for repairs, Fort Stockton Community Theatre performed a melodrama, “Dirty Works at the Crossroads,” written by Bill Johnson, on the pavilion of historic Comanche Springs Swimming Pool.

Thirty-five years later, same circumstances, same place, same play--Fort Stockton Community Theatre will reprise the fun melodrama to provide entertainment the third week-end in July on the pavilion of Comanche Springs Swimming Pool. All activity will take place on the pavilion; no one will be allowed downstairs around the pool area where construction will be going on.

The play, starring three men and seven women, tells the tear-jerking story of Nellie Lovelace, an innocent country girl, who has to contend with Munro, the viperous villain. Though Munro has a wife, Ida Rhinegold, belle of the New Haven Music Halls, he still pursues Nellie, tearing her away from the arms of her dying mother (whom he poisoned) and drives Adam Oakhart, the blacksmith’s son, to drink, blackmails rich Mrs. Asterbilt, and bewitches Mrs. Asterbilt’s daughter, Leonie. There is a part for everyone who wishes to have a good time and who may be experiencing Water Carnival withdrawal.

Susann Hall, who starred in the last production of “Dirty Works…,” will direct this year’s production. FSCT will coordinate with the Water Carnival’s Board so there will be no conflict between performances and the beauty pageants. Try-outs will be announced later. A stage will need to be built at the pavilion, and the illusion of a train moving down a track will need to be created.

It certainly won’t be as huge and complicated as a Water Carnival production, but, it will still be a fun production. If you are interested in being a part of “Dirty Works at the Crossroads,” call Alice Duerksen at 432-336-3180 or Susann Hall at 432-360-6618.