Fort Stockton's new dog park


One of the things that Fort Stockton was missing, was a dog park for their four legged friends and now, residents will have two.

The first park is the Rooney Dog Park located in the fenced area behind the bleachers of the Comanche Springs Pool.

The second dog park is in the works and will be located at Silliman Park.

Commissioner Robert Gonzales got the idea a few weeks ago and since their was a fenced in area already that used to be used for put put he decided to go for it.

“I might as well utilize it,” he said.

The area only needed a little extra fence help so the dogs couldn't escape.

Gonzales also brought in a picnic table for owners to sit at, and hopes in the future he can add agility courses.

The area is not divided into small and large dog areas, but Gonzales has plans to do that in the future if that is what the public wants.

Park employees Ray Aguirre, Roy Vela, Frankie Muniz and Jimmy Dominguez worked quickly to get the park up and running.

“I just hope people pick up their dog waste,” said Gonzales.

The park rules include:

•No dogs without people and no people without dogs

•No dogs in heat

•No aggressive dogs

•No dogs younger than four months

•No spike, pinch or prong collars

•Dogs must be licensed and immunized

•No food inside dog park

•Dogs must be under the voice control or in sight of their handler

•Clean up after your dog