Fort Stockton needs help for playoffs after upset loss to Sweetwater


The Fort Stockton Panther football team lost on the road to Sweetwater, 35-21. The defeat takes control of a playoff berth out of the Panthers hands, as they now need to help to secure a post-season slot.

Entering the last week of the season Nov. 8, Greenwood is the district champion. Snyder and Pecos are 3-2 and play each other next in what will be a battle for second place. Fort Stockton, Monahans, and Sweetwater are tied at 2-3. Lamesa is 0-5. Monahans and Sweetwater play next week, while Fort Stockton host Lamesa.

Unofficially, here's what I think are the scenarios:

First, if there is a three-way tie, there is no head-to-head tiebreaker. It shifts to a point system based on scores.

#1: Snyder, Sweetwater, Fort Stockton win Nov. 8:

Snyder 2nd

Pecos, Sweetwater, FS in a 3 way

Pecos +13/Sweetwater+14/FS+17

Sweetwater and FS lead in points so moves to head to head

SW 3rd

FS 4th

Pecos out

#2 Pecos, SW, FS win

Pecos 2nd

SW, Snyder, FS 3 way

SW+14/Snyder+1/FS 0

FS out

#3 Pecos, Monahans, FS win

Pecos 2nd

FS 3rd

Monahans, Snyder tie

Monahans holds head to head

Snyder out

Looking at last night's game:

• Early lead evaporates in third quarter

Fort Stockton scored on Dominic Aguilar's 1-run run to pull within 28-21, but saw the potential game-tying drive end on downs on the Mustangs' 43.

One play later, the Mustangs came up with the dagger on Leo Hosley's 58-yard touchdown run to make it 35-21 with 3:02 left.

Sweetwater scored on its first three possessions of the second half, with scoring drives of 45, 72 and 51 yards to erase the Panthers 14-7 halftime lead and go up 28-14.

That the Panthers had a 14-7 lead was due to a bend-but-don't break defense and two big scoring plays.

Four of the Mustangs first five possessions went deep into Panther territory. Yet, they only scored once, thanks to two interceptions and turnover on downs.

Fort Stockton, meanwhile scored on a 40-yard run by Clayton Foster to cap a 86-yard drive, and on AJ Garcia's 80-yard kickoff return – his second in as many games.





FS: Clayton Foster 40-yard run. Tino Martinez PAT good. 7-0 11;51

S: Leo Holsey 17-yard pass to Ernesto Chavez. Chavez PAT good. 7-7 7:17

FS: AJ Garcia 80 yard kickoff return. Tino Martinez PAT good. 14-7. 7:03


S: Cedric Brown 13 yard run. Ernesto Chavez. Chavez PAT good. 14-14 9:41

S: Leo Holsey 21-yard pass to Ernesto Chavez. Chavez PAT no good. 20-14. 3:45

S: Leo Holsey 30-yard pass to Tyler Warner. Holsey to Kei'Arryian Griffin for 2 points. 28-14. :21


FS: Dominic Aguilar 1-yard run. Tino Martinez PAT good. 28-21. 9:36

4A-2 District 1 Scoreboard

Sweetwater 28, Fort Stockton 14 4th

Greenwood 42, Monahans 7

Snyder 21, Lamesa 8

2A-2 District 1

McCamey 7, Iraan 0

1A-2 District 5

Grandfalls 28, Buena Vista 6