Fort Stockton Middle School track runs well


The FSMS track team traveled to Pecos last week to participate in the first track meet of the year, coached by Melissa “Missy” Waters. Participating were: 7th grade Arissa Gonazales; 8th grade girls, Gabby Renteria, Malyna Morales and Camryn Sawyer; and 8th grade boys, Ali Hernandez, Nathan Sanchez and Dominic Aguilar.

Each member did an excellent job, with Malyna Morales tied for sixth place, jumping 4 feet 6 inches.  Gabby Renteria took first place, jumping 4 feet 8 inches. Nathan Sanchez took fourth place in the boys event with a jump of 5 feet 2 inches and Dominic took 3rd place with a jump of 5 feet 2 inches.

Coach Waters remarked that she was extremely proud of each of the athletes for working hard and listening to the advice given. 

Gabby, Malyna and Camryn finished the high jump and went to join Aislynn Robledo to compete in the 400 by 100 meter relay, where the girls took third Place. Dominic and Nathan finished the high jump and joined Adrian Navarrette and Christian Garcia for the 400 by 100 where they took second place.

Gabby Renteria finished the night filling in for an injured athlete to compete in the 400 meter dash —of which she had not run before — taking second place.

7th grade Prowlers show promise

The 7th grade Prowlers competed in their first track meet in Pecos recently. The 4 by 100 meter relay team placed second. The 4 by 200 relay team placed third. Both relay team members were Rosa Hernandez, Jennike Paz, Brianna Diaz and Jazlynn Pacheco. The 4 by 400 meter relay team placed fourth, and team members were Keanna Torres, Jennike Paz, Eliana Mata and Jazlynn Pacheco. Coach Danielle Trevino was excited for the team and remarked how she was looking forward to the season.

Discuss results

8th Grade

Alex Coon Pineda, fourth place, 67 feet 11 inches

Nathan Sanchez, third place, 112.5 feet

7th Grade

Andree Bueno, third place, 60 feet 3 inches

Cruz Rojas, second place, 91 feet 10.5 inches

Cristian Vara, fourth place, 85 feet 6.5 inches