Fort Stockton celebrates with Tesla milestone

'Golden Spike'Ceremony held at Flying J


In 1869 the first golden spike ceremony was held in celebration of completing the last link of the transcontinental railroad. Fast forward to 2019, a golden spike ceremony was held Saturday, Feb.9 at the Flying J Travel Center in Fort Stockton to celebrate the last link of Tesla charging stations on the highway that connects Florida and California.

“Without this location, it wasn't possible to drive from the east coast to the west coast in a Tesla electric car on the southern route,” said Tesla owner Don Burke during the event. “There was this one gap left right here that existed for almost four years, and this supercharger station has closed that gap. Now Tesla drivers can go from Key West to San Diego across I-10 from start to finish. I drove into Fort Stockton from Virginia in my 2014 Model S, because this is a big deal for Tesla drivers.”

The Tesla Motors Club brought in 12 Teslas to the event, which summed up over one million dollars worth of vehicles.

“I just think that its wonderful that Tesla drivers can charge their vehicles here in Fort Stockton,” said Chamber Director Arna McCorkle. “ It completed their route between Florida and California, and maybe they'll spend some time here in town after they get charged up.”

After socializing and charging their vehicles, the Tesla Motors Club gave Mayor Chris Alexander a golden spike to drive into the ground, a ceremonial honor referred to as driving the “last spike”. After giving a speech and thanking the Tesla drivers, Alexander hammered the nail into the ground and covered it up with gravel.

The Tesla Motors Club then awarded their group member Charlie P. Mayer for his tireless efforts to bring supercharging to Fort Stockton, thus completing the transcontinental I-10.