Landmark hotel knocked down


Crews today knocked down the walls of the former Hotel Stockton, 1209 N. Nelson St., bringing an end to a building that once signified economic and community growth, but became an arson-marred blight and safety hazard.

Demolition work began Monday, Dec. 10. The site will be cleared of debris over the next seven to 10 days, weather permitting.

The hotel, more recently known as the Coleman Hotel, was given to the Fort Stockton Economic Development Council by the city earlier the year in order to facilitate new development on the property.

Nelson Street and a portion of 13th Street are closed surrounding the site.

According to EDC Director Remi Ramos, there are no immediate plans for the site. The demolition had to move forward because of safety concerns, he said.

As previously discussed by the city council, some of the stones will be salvaged for possible use in decorative, non-structural projects like planters on medians or facades. How much will be salvageable is unknown at present as repeated exposure to fire has left many stones weakened to the point of crumbling.

In an unrelated move, a one-story stone building across the street from the hotel is also being demolished this week. That building was designated for demolition by the city's substandard housing committee.

See Thursday's print edition of The Pioneer for more information.