Dear Editor,


I just wanted to take a minute and tell you that you and your staff are doing a great job. I really enjoyed the Feb 25 edition.

In particular, I like the following articles:

The one on Lance Christian (I had read a little about him when I researched the candidates but enjoyed your article) — as an engineer myself, I think it would be good to elect someone less political who understands the industry from a technical perspective.

The one concerning solar energy and superstores (I do wish Texas would make it easier for someone considering solar to plan on what the price would be to sell back extra power) was concise and provided a great summary of how the current system works or perhaps does not work in Texas.

Increasing tuition is something we all should be concerned with. When I attended Texas Tech in the late 1960s tuition was $100 a semester — not an hour — regardless of how many hours you took! By the way, during the same time the activity fee to attend sporting events at the college was also $100 a semester. I know the cost of education has far exceeded the increase in the value of the dollar over the past 40-plus years. Back then a student who was committed could work at a minimum wage job and put themselves through college without having to take out $40,000 to $50,000 in student loans.

Rising hate speech seems to be the thing today. Don't get me started on the lack of civility in the candidate debates, but it seems to mirror what is happening other places in society. We need our leaders to set an example! Few if any are.

Guns on college campuses — I will probably waste my vote for representative this year, but I cannot support someone who would vote to put guns in classrooms. I told my representative that before and after he voted to pass this most recent law. I did notice that my representative left his support of the campus carry bill off his written list of accomplishments that he mailed out to everyone even thought he was very vocal in his support of it at the time it was approved. Anyway, I appreciated the article demonstrating the struggle university presidents have in implementing the laws the legislature and governor have handed down. This approach seems to have a lot in common with the tuition article. Pass a law, and if something goes wrong, you can always blame the university for implementing it improperly.

As someone who remembers when Price Daniels was governor, I enjoyed hearing that at one time we did have trustworthy leaders.

Your article on Social Security sent me to the website for what was very interesting reading. Armed with this information, I will have an even more difficult time picking a president this year than I thought. It was already going to be difficult.

My great-grandfather Dan Rollins and grandfather Charles C Rollins Sr. homesteaded in Fort Stockton around the turn of the 20th century. Dan built the Rollins-Sibley house. My grandmother Ollie Rollins celebrated her 100th birthday in 1976 in Fort Stockton, and they put a banner across Main Street in town. My dad was born in the house on South Rio Street in 1914. Because of this history, I always enjoy reading the Years Ago column to see if I recognize any of the old family names dad used to mention. I do wish you could post some info from 100 years ago. I think it is great that the paper and the library have copies of the paper from that time frame. [Editor’s note:  Years Ago will include news from 100 years ago whenever available.]

Anyway, I just wanted you to know your doing a great job and I enjoy reading the news from West Texas. I live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, but there are times (this past week was one of them) when it took me longer to read the Pioneer than the much reduced Star-Telegram. Keep up the good work.