Dear Editor,


I attended a luncheon recently that made me think about our future in West Texas. We all support our kids and their future and are proud to do it, but are we doing all we need to do?

Many of our kids leave the area, and I can’t really blame them — I did, as well. I recently came back, but many of our kids can’t.

Sul Ross State University is playing a tremendous part in West Texas, and we may be failing as a region for not supporting the university more. Sul Ross is our university, where our kids can get a good education and, later, good jobs. Most of these kids are first-generation college students; many are first-generation high school graduates, and we need to make sure they succeed.

Leaving the area doesn’t have to be the goal; in fact, we need to keep these bright, educated and talented students in our area so that our communities can survive. They are our future teachers, city councils, school board, county commissioners, judges, mayors and our future taxpayers — they need to succeed.

We need to make sure we support our schools, and our kids. We really don’t need to care if we know any of them on the team, class or club; we just need realize they are OUR team. If they have a fundraiser, a game, a graduation, or an academic recognition, we need to try to participate and support them.

Sanderson, Marathon, Fort Stockton, Fort Davis, Alpine, Marfa, Presidio, Valentine, Van Horn, Balmorhea, Sierra Blanca or the Big Bend kids, they are still all of ours. They are our future, and we need to make sure we help them shape it.