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Couple prepares for third adoption

Warren, Rachel Camp anticipate February arrival


A local church family is gearing up to add to their family via a third adoption.

Warren Camp, pastor of First Baptist Church and his wife, Rachel, have been through the adoption process twice now because of what they say is a calling from God.

The couple have been married for 10 years and after living in various places around Texas finally settled in Fort Stockton a year and a half ago.

In 2011 they decided they wanted to start a family.

After trying for a while and doing infertility treatment they realized it was going to be very difficult.

“Nothing was working,” said Rachel.

Rachel set a financial and emotional limit before deciding to stop in 2013.

“It was disappointing but we knew God was calling us for something different,” said Rachel.

One thing Warren and Rachel knew for sure is that they wanted to be parents.

In November of 2013 they called an adoption agency in Dallas and told them about who they were.

The adoption worker asked “What kind of baby do you want?”

Rachel laughed remembering how she said “Um a human baby?”

After that, they hit the ground running.

They were told about a baby being born in February of 2014.

Rachel and Warren decided to go in separate rooms and pray and think on their decision alone.

“We had to try and figure out what God wanted us to do,” said Rachel.

They knew immediately that they wanted to go through with the adoption.

They went to the hospital where at seven minutes old, the nurse came into the hallway with their new baby, Hudson.

“It was so cool an surreal,” said Rachel.

For Hudson's birth, the birth parents didn't want to meet the Camp's which was fine and the Camp's were just happy to be able to bond with their new baby in the Nicu.

In Texas, birth parents can't sign over their rights until 48 hours after birth in order to give them time clearly in case they change their minds.

The Camp's were ecstatic to bring Hudson home on Valentines Day and six months later they were able to change the birth certificate to say Camp.

In 2016 the Camp's were ready to add to their family and adopt again.

They started to go through the process and had an adoption fall through after the birth parents changed their mind.

“What an incredible sacrifice birth parents make,” said Rachel. “God gave us peace about it.”

They were able to match with parents for a baby girl due to be born in September 2016.

Adeline's birth mom asked if Rachel wanted to be in the delivery room, Rachel was allowed to go to the last ultrasound and she was able to feel Adeline kick in her birth moms belly.

The birth mom kept referring to the Camp's as the parents and even wrote the last name Camp on the birth certificate.

During the scheduled c-section they wanted Warren in the room as well and let the Camp's do the skin to skin contact with the baby after the birth.

Through tears Rachel remembered the special time she had with the birth mom and when the birth mom said “I feel like her big sister, I carried her for you.”

The experience and being able to be a mother for the second time was amazing for the Camps.

“We are so thankful and she was so brave,” said Rachel.

In Fall of 2019 the Camp's said the Lord was putting it in their heart that they should adopt again.

Both Hudson and Adeline are excited to welcome a sibling who is set to be born in February of this year.

Now adoption comes at quite the price.

The Camp's paid around $25,000 for Hudson, $28,000 for Adeline and are on route to pay around the same for baby number three.

“God has provided every single time,” said Rachel.

They have been selling shirts and crafts, they plan to have a garage sale at the church on March 28 and they also have a go fund me and facebook group set up under One More Camp.

“We believe adoption paints a picture of the gospel,” said Warren.

They also said they now understand more about being parents and are excited for the next chapter.

“I can feel their sacrifice so much deeper,” said Rachel.

Warren also wanted to encourage people to support adoption wether by adopting, helping to reform adoption costs or helping fund adoptions.

They also want to be available for people to talk to them if they are considering adoption themselves.

“It's been the biggest blessing for us,” said Rachel. “We love to talk about it.”