Pecos County Commissioners Court

County extends burn ban to Sept. 8


Amid continuing drought-like conditions, the Pecos County Commissioners Court approved a burn band from June 11 to Sept. 8. The most recent burn band expired on June 9.

The banned prohibits all outdoor burning in Pecos County.

The commissioners also approved an order prohibiting the sale or use of fireworks (classified as "skyrockets with sticks" or "missiles with fins" the Pecos County.

“Right now, it’s very dry out here,” said Dominguez after the meeting. “Grass fires can happen very easily with fireworks. We don’t want a house or property to catch on fire, so we urge our residents to be mindful of this burn ban and the firework ordinances that are now put into place.”

Looking at a drought map provided by Chief of the Fort Stockton Fire Department Jessie Dominguez, Judge Joe Shuster noted “All that red and yellow, I would have thought that was menudo in there.”

According to the Fort Stockton Police Department, the City of Fort Stockton also prohibits the use and sale of fireworks. The City ordinance states it is unlawful to manufacture, sell, or use fireworks of any classification within the city limits.

In other business the Commissioners:

• Approved Pecos County Water Control and Improvement District #1 to construct a Pipeline across West 44th Lane in Precinct #1.

• Approved request from Sheriff Harris for funds for repair and maintenance in Pecos County Jail as needed up to $15,000 in contingencies.

• Approved the donation of a SUV from Jarred Jones (XTO Energy) for the Fort Stockton Fire Department in efforts of a future Coyanosa Volunteer Fire Department.

• Approved request from Spraberry Production Services, LLC to cross Trailer House Road, sections 18 and 32, block 8, H & GN RR Co., in Precinct #4 with a water line.

• Approved request from Medallion Delaware Express, LLC to bore beneath the following roads in Precinct #4: Trophy Road, sections 35 and 34, block 8, H & GN RR Co. with an oil pipeline and Water Well Field Road, sections 36 and 35, block 8, H & GN RR Co. with an oil pipeline. The County charged $500.

• Approved PCMH reports

• Approved the reports of the County Treasurer