Controlled burn causes grass fires


The Fort Stockton Volunteer Fire Department responded to four grass fires yesterday due to a controlled burn gone wrong.

Three of the fires were on Highway 285 North and the larger one was near Imperial which took almost 4 hours to extinguish.

“It's not advisable to do any controlled burns during high winds,” said Fire Chief Jessie Dominguez.

Wind gusts reached up to 46 miles per hour with hazy skies due to dust.

The National Weather Service issued a red flag warning which is in effect until April 12.

“You guys are still pretty windy there currently,” said Matt Salerno, Meteorologist.

Winds in Fort Stockton on Thursday reached 46 miles per hour gusts, with a sustained 20 miles per hour since 7 a.m.

While there is no wind advisory, the gusts will continue until the evening and there will be a breeze on Friday.