Commissioners commence with end of year business


The Pecos County Commissioners' Court went through a lengthy agenda during their meeting on Wednesday, Dec. 27.

To begin the meeting, Texas Department of Criminal Justice Warden Joel Gauna introduced himself to the court. Gauna stated he wanted to express his thanks to the community, and that his main goal is getting inmates on track to be functioning members of the county.

The court approved bonds for elected officials and appointed officers in the county, and also set the mileage rate for 2018 at 54.5 cents per mile. The forfeiture fund budget was approved by the court for the 112th District Attorney in order to address the next agenda item, which referenced reallocating salary for the 112th DA. This item was also approved by the court.

The court approved the purchase of a drone from the leftover 2017 funds in Emergency Management. It was explained that the drone would aid in search and rescues, and would have attachment cameras, flares, and thermal imaging.

A request from the City of Fort Stockton to construct a sewer line extension and tap at the intersection of Lea St. and Riggs St. was approved by the court. The direct location of the line is 962 W. IH 10, and the line will be approximately 250 feet. The court also approved an interlocal agreement between Pecos County and Buena Vista ISD to allow the ISD to drop off and pick up students in the Precinct 4 yard, as well as to house their buses there.

The court approved an order exempting them from the need to bid their annual auditing contract. The commissioners then approved an engagement letter with Weaver & Tidwell for 2018, with the letter remaining the same as it was in 2017.

A transfer of funds from the Employee Health Insurance fund was accepted by the court. A balance of $120,000 was left in the fund, and the transfer allowed the balance to move to the Employee Health Benefit fund for county employees.

The court amended the terms of Iraan Library Board Members during their meeting; whereas the terms were previously five years, they will be only two years going forward. The court also approved appointing new board member to replace Alan Turpin on the Iraan Library Board, effective Jan. 1.

A transfer of funds from the Park 3 Improvements fund was approved by the court. $5,000 was moved from that account to the Road and Bridge Repairs and Maintenance fund for a new pump on a water truck. A total of $3,200 was also released for the repairs to Sheffield’s ambulance. A one-time transfer of funds from Iraan Little League to Iraan/Sheffield PeeWee Football was processed in the amount of $1,500.

The court called for bids to replace ceiling tiles and to sand and refinish the wooden floor in the Large Community Hall. Precinct 2 requested to purchase a zero-turn riding lawnmower from their budgeted funds, and the court approved this request.

A temporary Justice of the Peace was selected by Judge Joe Shuster during the court’s meeting. The court also approved a request from Precinct 4 for an additional $6,840 in matching funds for water system improvements. Precinct 4 issued another request, regarding paying Pecos County for repairs to water well 3 and Imperial ground water tank using budgeted funds; this request was approved.

The court accepted a request from Precinct 4 to replace a slide in their park. Precinct 4 also requested to purchase cattle guards from Genesis Wire up to $5,000; the commissioners approved this request.