Commissioners amend abatement agreements


The Pecos County Commissioners’ Court approved amendments to two tax abatement agreements in their regular meeting on Wednesday, Dec. 27.

The first amendment discussed was regarding the contract with FAS 1 LLC Solar Company, in which the company wished to extend their agreement to 2019.

The agreement with FAS 1 LLC Solar Company had previously cited a completion date in 2017, but needed to change the date to 2019. The court found all the agreement renewals were in order, and approved the amendment to the agreement.

Desert Sky Wind Farm LP also requested an amendment to their tax abatement agreement with Pecos County. Upon the initial approval of the agreement, Desert Sky Wind Farm had believed they would need to only reinforce the foundations of some turbines. However, Desert Sky officials found that full foundation replacement was required.

The agreement was amended to state 86 wind turbine generators would require partial replacement, and approximately 21 new wind turbine generators would be installed. The new investment for this project would be $130,000,000.

Former EDC Director Doug May and EDC Director Remie Ramos attended the meeting to present this agenda item. May stated the amendment wouldn’t change the dollar amount paid by the county, but would only change the value of the property and equipment.

After more discussion, the court voted unanimously to approve the amendment to Desert Sky Wind Farm LP’s abatement agreement.