City Council talks unpaid taxes


The Fort Stockton City Council met in regular session on June 27, 2017, where they discussed unpaid taxes from All Inn.

After the consent agenda and other business, the Council addressed All Inn’s unpaid taxes. The City of Fort Stockton had sent three letters to the All Inn regarding their taxes and the amount they owed the city. According to the presentation of the agenda item, the city should receive seven percent of each room occupied. It was also stated that the All Inn had been filing their state taxes, but still neglected to pay the city in the amount of approximately $8,100. The Council acted to place a lien on the property in order to regain the unpaid amount.

In other business, the Council:

-Reviewed a public hearing regarding an application request from property owner Rosa Isela Duarte for consideration of a specific use permit for placement of a manufactured mobile home

-Tabled the decision to appoint a qualified citizen to fulfill the unexpired council member term

-Approved all meeting minutes

-Approved the adoption of Budget Amendment Number 2 to the original budget of the City of FS

-Approved the amendment of the zoning chapter of the municipal code allowing for a manufactured mobile home by specific use permit

-Tabled the decision to decrease the speed limit on Nelson Street to 25 miles per hour

-Approved the solicitation for bids for a center pivot irrigation center

-Approved the construction of a carport as requested by property owner Darren Hodges

-Convened in Executive Session to discuss the settlement agreement with Jay Cleo Thompson, the settlement agreement with Fort Stockton Holdings L.P.’s permit hearing with the MPGCD regarding production of groundwater, and the value of real property at Blue Ridge Farms regarding negotiations to use such property by Waterbridge Resources, LLC

-Reconvened in Open Session, where they unanimously approved the settlement agreement with Jay Cleo Thompson, and took no action on the settlement agreement with Fort Stockton Holdings and the negotiations with Waterbridge Resources, LLC