City council introduces new warden


The Fort Stockton City Council held their regular meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 14, where they were introduced to Joel Guana, the new Senior Warden of the Lynaugh Unit and Fort Stockton N-5 Unit.

Following Guana’s introduction, the council approved the consent agenda. The council also approved some small amendments to the city’s personnel policies and procedures manual.

Building Official Aaron Maldonado presented an amendment to the substandard buildings regulation. Maldonado stated there would be a new detailed list of criteria for each property that will help bring dilapidated structures up to code. It would also aid the city in removing abandoned structures that they have. The council approved this amendment.

A Master Professional Services Agreement (MPSA) between the city and Hanson Professional Services, Inc. was discussed. This agreement detailed that Hanson Professional Services would be employed for various projects on an “as-needed” basis for the diversion and recycling plan. City Manager Frank Rodriguez stated this agreement was needed in order to continue in the landfill and recycling plant plans. The council approved this agreement unanimously.

The Agriculture, Hunting, & Grazing contract between the city and Esequiel Rodarte was approved by the council, along with a request for re-solicitation of proposals for an administration/professional services firm for the Texas Capitol Fund Project.

A copy service agreement for the Police Department Xerox Work Center was approved by the council. The council also requested a traffic study be completed by the Police Department for Mart Adams Drive. Police Chief Sal Rangel accepted this request, and he and the council set the completion date for Dec. 19.