City and County Clean-Up approaching


The annual City and County Clean-Up is set for next week, Monday, Oct. 15 through Friday, Oct. 19. County and City crews will be sweeping alleys within city limits to pick up all bulk trash items.

The City is encouraging residents to begin putting out their items the week before the Clean-Up, which Monday, Oct. 8 through Friday, Oct. 12.

As a bonus to the Clean-Up this year, citizens can throw away bulk trash items for free at the City landfill during the Fall Clean-Up event Monday, Oct. 15 through Friday, Nov. 2. Citizens must provide proof they are paying for City Sanitation Services. This can be done by showing their city utility bill and a state issued ID, such as a driver's license at the City Landfill Office.

If any bulk trash items are set out in the alleyway after Friday, Oct. 19 citizens must come to City Hall and set up a Work Order to pay for a bulk trash pickup.