Blue Ridge solar panel plan?


The Fort Stockton City Council heard a presentation by Director Rob Adams with S-Power regarding the placement of solar panels on property in Blue Ridge Farms.

According to Adams, S-Power is a part of the Sustainable Power Group, and is in the business of building, developing, owning, and operating solar and wind farms. The group holds about 150 plants, with most being located in California.

Adams began by saying that while the group prefers to purchase the land on which they develop their plants, they would like to enter into a lease agreement with the city of Fort Stockton. Agreements similar to this, he said, took up to three years to accomplish; this was due to Interconnection Requests to the utility provider and land studies for the area.

Councilman Billy Jackson was concerned that building on the land would tie up oil and mineral drilling. However, Adams assured Jackson that prior to construction of the plant, S-Power would receive waivers from the drillers and that oil drill islands could be plotted so as not to prevent the owner of the mineral state from drilling.

There was no action to be taken on this item, as it was a presentation.