Agenda for April 19 City Council meeting






MISSION STATEMENT: “The Mission of the City of Fort Stockton Municipal Government is to Promote & Value Public Confidence and Trust by the Accountable and Responsible Use of Community Resources; to Ensure Public Safety; Improve Public Services; Promote Local Recreation and Entertainment; and Generate Economic Development.


Citizens who desire to address City Council with regard to matters on the Consent Agenda or Regular Agenda will be received when the item is to be considered. Prior to making comments, every speaker will be required to provide his/her name and residential address. Each speaker will be limited to 3 minutes. Speakers making personal, impertinent, profane or slanderous remarks will be removed from the Council Chamber and will be barred from re-entering the room during the meeting. Discussion by City Council Members will only be made when an agenda item is scheduled for consideration.

PROCLAMATION: Endorsing April 7 – 13, 2019 as “National Crime Victims’ Rights Week.”


1. All matters listed are considered to be routine by the City Council and will be enacted by one motion. If discussion is desired, that item will be removed from the Consent Agenda and considered separately.” Minutes: (Mayor)

 Regular Meeting Minutes of Fort Stockton City Council, 03/26/2019

 Regular Meeting Minutes of Fort Stockton Keep Historic FS Beautiful Board, 03/06/2019  Special Meeting Minutes of Fort Stockton Keep Historic FS Beautiful Board, 03/21/2019  Regular Meeting Minutes of Substandard Building Committee, 03/07/2019

AccountsPayableTotal: $270,909.54


2. Senior Civil Engineer Steve Synovitz with Hanson Professional Services Inc. --- Update on the 30-Inch Water Transmission Line Project.

3. Chief of Police Ryan Skelton with Fort Stockton Police Department --- Statistics for March 2019


4. Discuss and Act upon Ordinance No. 19-104, Revising Only The Surcharge Fees in Chapter 24 of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Fort Stockton Titled Utilities*, Article III. Service Rates and Charges, Division 2. Service Rates, Section 24-51. Rates for Water, Wastewater, Gas Services and Tap Charges Within the Corporate Limits; Section 24-52. Additional Surcharges for Temporary Lodging/Accomodations; and Repealing Chapter 21, Section 22.51 a Replication of Chapter 24, & Repealing All Other Ordinances or Portions Thereof in Conflict, A Severability Clause and Providing for an Effective Date. (City Mgr.)

5. Discuss and Act upon Ordinance No. 19-105, Amending the City of Fort Stockton’s Code of Ordinances, Chapter 24, Utilities*, Article 1. In General, Section 24-1. Drought Contingency Plan and Incorporating Section 24-2. Water Conservation Plan for the City of Fort Stockton to Promote the Responsible Use of Water and to Establish Criteria for the Initiation and Termination of Response Stages Including Restrictions and Providing for Penalties and/or Severability and an Effective Date. (City Mgr.)


6. Discuss and Act upon Utilities Easement Between the City of Fort Stockton and Donohue Investments, LLC, for a Twenty (20) Feet in Width Utility Easement Containing 0.170 Acres More or Less, Out of the G.C. Thurman Survey No. 160, Abstract No. 777, Pecos County Texas, Being a Portion of a called 25.87 Acre Tract of Land, All of Block S, Fort Stockton Irrigated Lands. (City Mgr.)

7. Discuss and Act upon Termination of Financial Advisory Services Contract with Estrada Hinojosa & Company, Inc. (City Mgr.)

8. Discuss and Act upon Financial Advisory Services Agreement with Lawrence Financial Consulting LLC (to be renamed Tijerina Galvan Lawrence LLC) as the City’s Financial Advisor. (City Mgr.)

9. Discuss and Act upon Solicitation of Bids for a Mobile Hydraulic Concert Stage. (City Mgr.)

10. Discuss and Act upon Fort Stockton Downtown Association By-Laws. (City Mgr.)

11. Discuss and Act upon Revised Contract & Payment to Reflect Name Change from St. Joseph’s Catholic Church to Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish. (City Mgr.)

12. Discuss and Act upon Deed Without Warranty to the Fort Stockton 4-A EDC for All of Lot 10, Block 13, Old Fort Addition (Former Police Department Building). (City Mgr.)

13. Discuss and Act upon Correspondence Confirming that Core and Main is the Authorized Sole Distributor for Neptune Technology Group Products for Fort Stockton &/or Texas. (City Mgr.)


(City Mgr.)

15. Discuss/Act upon a Retention Stipend Not to Exceed 3% Yearly Base Income for Full-Time Employees Who were Employed on October 1, 2018 & Actively Employed on April 12, 2019; Paid Separately. (City Mgr.)

Discuss and Act upon Contract for Pest Control Service Between the City of Fort Stockton & James

Ponder, Contractor.

16. Discuss/Act upon 2017 Consumer Price Index Adjustment to Municipal Telecommunications Right-of- Way Access Line Rates from the Public Utility Commission of Texas. (City Mgr.)

17. Discuss and Act upon the Fiscal- Y ear 2019-2020 Budget Preparation Calendar . (City Mgr.) EXECUTIVE SESSION:

18. City Council May Convene in Closed Session in Accordance with the Texas Open Meetings Act, Texas Government Code, Concerning Attorney-Client Matters (§551.071); Deliberation regarding Real Property (§551.072); Deliberation regarding Prospective Gifts (§551.073); Personnel Matters (§551.074); and/or Deliberation regarding Security Devices (§551.076):

Ref: Annual Evaluation & Revision to Contract for City Manager Frank Rodriguez III.

19. Reconvene into Open Session Pursuant to Texas Government Code Section §551.102 & Take Action, if any, on Matters Deliberated in Executive Session:

(18) Discuss/Act upon Annual Evaluation & Revision to Contract for City Manager Frank Rodriguez III.

20. Questions from the Media on Agenda Items. (Mayor)

21. Adjourn. (Mayor)