112th District Attorney Laurie English is in Corpus Christi to prosecute capital murder case of alleged cop killer


The trial of a man accused of gunning down an Upton County deputy is under way in Nueces County following a change of venue for the trial.

The case stems from the October 2, 2013 shooting death of Upton County deputy Billy "Bubba" Kennedy, Jr. at a Stripes convenience store in McCamey.

Gary David Green, 56, who is charged with capital murder and facing the death penalty, was arrested after a shootout at the store.

The trial was moved across the state to Corpus Christi. More than 1,000 potential jurors were summoned for the case back in April.

The case is being prosecuted by 112th District Attorney Laurie English before visiting judge Tessa Herr, who is from Bexar County. Green is represented by attorneys William Boyles and Robert Cowie.

According to an affidavit previously reported in the Odessa American, Green's credit card was declined at the convenience store and he demanded free gas.

Kennedy and another deputy responded to a call and approached Green's pickup truck.

When Kennedy went up to the vehicle's driver-side door, Green allegedly opened the door and began firing at the deputy, with both officers returning fired back.

Kennedy, Jr. died at the scene.

In Texas, capital murder is punishable by either life in prison without parole or the death penalty.