Notice of Application for Surface Commingling

OXY USA INC is applying to the Railroad Commission to amend previously approved commingle permit # 5056 to include lease Mitchell 8 #11. Leases already included in the commingle permit are Mitchell 8 and Mitchell 11. Production will be from the Pakenham (Thrusted), Pakenham (Wolfcamp) and NSTB (Wolfcamp) fields. Production will be commingled into the Mitchell 11-6 Battery, located in RRC District 7C in Terrell County.

Pursuant to Statewide Rules 26 and 27, interested parties must file objections or requests for hearing in writing to the Railroad Commission office within 21 days after publication, or the Commission may approve the application.

For questions pertaining to the application, please contact Sandra Musallam at (713) 366-5106.

Posted 11/10/2017